Freedom Convoy

Freedom Convoy

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3'x4' acrylic finger-painting  on gallery wrapped canvas,

embellished with 24k gold, epoxy resined.

In 2022 tens of thousands of truckers from all over Canada and the United States drove to Ottawa to protest peacefully and unified with all walks of life and all political parties for weeks in the freezing cold in the middle of the capital, in an effort to bring awareness to the censored majority of people that stand against government overreach and vaccine mandates. This protest was supported and mimicked all over the world, but the news of it was censored and manipulated in the mainstream and in social media algorithms. Social media live-streaming from the hundreds of thousands of protestors were all that allowed the world to see the truth of what was happening in Ottawa and all over our world.

The day that convoy began was the day my heart started beating with hope again.