The People I’ve Met

It really is a beautiful thing to allow God to take you wherever he wants and needs you to go. Through a series of unexpected and largely unplannable events, I’ve come to a place of freedom, joy, and endless opportunity in my life. I am sitting here in the palm of God’s hands, allowing Him to mold me and take me wherever I’m meant to be, in all of my God-create glory in life, and it’s an overwhelmingly blessed feeling. I am grateful beyond words to be who I am, where I am, and what I am.
Along my journey, I’ve met some of the most interesting people. Some might not seem as interesting as others on the surface, but one of my favorite lessons to have learned along the way is the true meaning of the phrase, “never judge a book by its cover”. People are rarely, if ever, what they appear to be on the outside. There is always a story, a reason, a purpose behind what shines out toward the world, and more often than not, there exists a significant misunderstanding of who that person truly is… a misunderstanding between that person and other people, as well as a misunderstanding within that person’s own self. I have somehow been chosen by God to carry a gift in this life that allows me to reach others on a deeper level when given the opportunity to connect, which is presented to me more often that I think I was ever prepared to accept. It’s not unusual for me to meet people who often feel closed off to the world, yet for some reason, they feel comfortable and confident in confiding in me. I like to think that God’s light is shining through me in such a way that these people simply know that they’re safe with me from judgement, hate, or negativity, but who knows… could be my perfume- I hear it smells like cupcakes.
Regardless of the reasoning, I can easily acknowledge that I’m blessed in a really unique and really beautiful way, and I’m beyond grateful for it. I’ve always believed that blessings are God’s way of gifting us so that we may gift others, and that it is wrong to waste those blessings, even if out of the good intent of attempting to practice humility by not facing what was freely given to us. He blessed us in this way (whatever way[s] that is for each of us), and to allow those blessings to go to waste is essentially to throw a gift, given to you by someone who loves you more than anything in the world, away in the trash. While we certainly don’t need to go parading around, showing our gift off in arrogance, it is a beautiful thing to accept these gifts, have gratitude for them, and then use them to bless others and the world in whatever unique way we’re meant to. The Lord wants us all to be blessed. But that cannot happen if we hoard or trash our blessings, keeping them from one another, now can it?
This is why I do what I do. I was gifted with the blessing of love and getting to know the hearts of others, as well as with some creative talents such as painting, writing, and, essentially, sharing. And so I use them. I spend my time getting to know others as much and was well as I can, and the rest of my time is devoted to sharing what I learn and am inspired by with the world around me in whatever ways I feel called to do it. Lately, this calling has brought me to writing. So, I’m here to share with you the wonderful, beautiful, amazing stories I hear from the incredible people that have been placed along my path thus far. Some are intriguing from the get-go and some hold inspiration deep within the cracks, but that’s why I’m here to give them life. I want to show the ways in which significance lies within each and every one of us, and whether we have to dig a little deeper to bring it to the surface is irrelevant… because it all matters. We all matter. And it’s beautiful
I hope you enjoy these stories from The People I’ve Met, and I hope even more that you find some inspiration in these stories like I have in learning from them. Happy beautiful day, world! Live in love ❤️