Audrey Jennifer is an eternal optimist and lover of life who was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, but has always lived with the knowledge that she is a part of so much more. Knowing that there was a world that is so much greater than the confines of her beloved hometown, she developed and an insatiable thirst to explore it.  She works as an artist and art instructor, dabbling in various mediums of visual art, writing, and music in order to express her visions of the world around her.

Although she has always seen the world in a unique way, it wasn’t until recent years that she began sharing her voice through her various creative talents. Through an array of difficult, inspiring, and strengthening experiences in her life, she came to realize that what she was seeing in the world was its beauty, and that continuing to keep that herself would be selfish. From that point forward, she made it her personal mission to experience life to the fullest for herself, and to use her creative talents to share all of the wonderful things that she would come to see and love so that others may do the same. And because Audrey believes that appreciating and caring for the body she was given to experience this life in is of upmost importance to thriving in these life adventures, she has also developed a passion for health and wellness, which she pursues through eating organic plant-based foods and practicing yoga regularly, along with any other form of exercise that she feels moved to try, including and especially dancing… she does lots of dancing.

She thrives on inspiration, beauty, and love, and is always looking for an opportunity to experience and/or share that with others. Please feel free to browse around her site, which is full of artsy things, health and nutrition, yogi bear type stuff, and daily revelations or ridiculous thoughts comprised in the form of a blog.

If you’d like to contact her regarding any or all of those things, or to simply share your story and reach someone who will actually listen, and *gasp!* even care, feel free to connect with her here. She knows better than to think that this world stops at what she already knows, and she’s always thirsting to learn more!