My journey so far has been interesting… it’s been interesting in a way that is so very different from anything I’d anticipated before embarking on it and I think that’s what has made it slightly difficult to verbalize or write about. I’ve been feeling out very different and unexpected situations involving adversity and negativity, exhaustion, unexpectedly limited resources, and suddenly changed plans. While traveling around in the country has been so much fun and so inspiring, it has also had its moments that felt slightly miserable and very disheartening. I really think I’ve felt all the range of emotions available to the human heart in a brief two weeks in time, and while it has been difficult to know how to verbalize what it was that I was experiencing or feeling, as I was still in the midst of processing it all myself as I went, the truth is that I ultimately did truly appreciate every bit of it, both in those disheartening moments as well as after they’d passed.

The primary aspect of this journey that I appreciate more than anything else is the truth of experiencing this journey as it is, rather than as it “should be” or even how I wish it would be… because really, that’s how life in and of itself goes. In a major way, the travel journey I’m on has been very reflective of my life journey in general. I’m currently traveling throughout different states with a general purpose in mind that I am very focused on, but also with my spirit free for flying, enjoying, and expploring. That very much speaks to the way in which I’ve been living my life. Because while I most definitely had my own ideas as to how this whole thing was going to pan out for me regarding the types of situations, people, and opportunities I would ecounter, the truth is that we can never really control what is meant to come our way, can we? We can do our best to develop our dreams and ideas, maintain motivation and focus on them, and intentionally pursue them to the best of our abilities, but ultimately what comes our way is not up to us- that’s all up to God.

And I think that’s beautiful.

Because I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally don’t want that kind of responsibility on my shoulders. I’m happy to have that weight of having to control everything lifted from my shoulders so that I can be free to explore and experience this life in a happy, joyous, authentic way. No anxiety over what’s going to happen, because I can rest assured knowing that I’m doing my very best and whatever is meant to come to me will come to me. If I’m giving my all and something does not come my way, I know it was not meant to be in my life and I’m grateful for the fact that it’s not taking up time, space, or energy by being forced to exist for me. If I’m not giving my all, I can simply forgive myself for being lazy, acknowledge it, and then do whatever I can to do better moving forward, even if that means taking baby steps.

The point is this: nothing is really entirely in my control, and not only am I okay with it, but I am grateful for it. Because I’m lighter for it. I can walk lighter knowing that I don’t have the weight of my world sitting on my shoulders.

In fact, we can all walk lighter that way because the same applies to each and every person. The only difference is that we tend to lock ourselves into a weight-bearing, heavy prison via our mindset in which we don’t allow ourselves to move freely. For some reason, we feel like we’re supposed to feel weighed down… almost like if we aren’t carrying an unbearable amount of weight, responsibility, and pain in our lives, we aren’t doing it right. And that’s simply not the case. In fact, I beg to differ that if we would actually allow ourselves to live lighter, we free ourselves to do more to impact the world in a beautiful and significant way. Because, let’s be honest… is it more efficient to run into the water to save a drowning person with a 50 pound weight tied to our soulders, or to run in with our weight lifted and arms free to focus on holding the light and inflatable raft?

You don’t have to agree with me- that’s fine. But personally, I’d prefer to be as weightless as possible. I’m running in weight-free, ready to explore, adventure, enjoy, and save lives. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here goes something! Geronimoooooo


2 thoughts on “Geronimo

  1. Accepting what comes to us and letting go of any expectations is huge. Soaking up the many emotions that life throws at us is also a wild ride to enjoy/struggle through/embrace… become aware of.

    The lightness of life is a path to peace… I’m with you on that!


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