Letter To A Friend

I recently wrote this letter to a friend. But after rereading it, I realized that while I truly meant every word to be specifically written for that friend, if I changed around some of the wording and replaced the names it became something that I think many of us could find something valuable in, in some way. So I thought I’d share it, in hopes that it speaks to each of its readers in the precise way that they need to hear it. Because you deserve all of the love you desire in the world, because you’re wonderful too.

Dear Friend,

I want you to know something that I’ve noticed about you, because I think it’s important to be aware of these things. I know it can be hard to face at times, especially when you’re surrounded by the types of people and situations that are currently a very big part of your life, but still, it’s important. Please receive what I’m about to tell you with an open mind and an open heart, and know that I have nothing but the best of intentions in bringing this to your attention.


you are…

an amazing person.

You have such a beautiful heart that I don’t think you realize is quite as beautiful as it is. I know that you struggle at times with the “falls” in life, but you know what I see about those falls? I see that you care that you fell. The fact that you even care that you fall, and the heaviness that you feel in wanting to get back up and do better in the future is not a heart that’s like those who you’re surrounded by and I know are afraid of becoming like. I know you know that your heart is different from theirs, but I just don’t think you see quite how different it is. That conviction you feel in your heart is unique and so special. It’s the beauty of God’s light shining through you, and His Spirit speaking to you in order to guide you in the right direction. The fact that you feel that is incredible, and the fact that you care so deeply about it is an anomaly.

You are an incredible person.

You are not defined by those past mistakes that you’ve made. None of them matter as far as who you are today goes, aside from the past role they played in breaking you down and providing you with an opportunity to build back up to a stronger, wiser, more confident, more resilient, kinder, more loving, more vibrant version of you. And maybe there’s still some working through that needs to be done in regards to past mistakes that remain lingering in your heart, and that’s okay. You can do that. It’s never too late, and the mistakes never need to linger and provide any added weight to your journey as you move forward, because those mistakes you made are no longer your mistakes. They are your past’s mistakes, whether they were yesterday or 20 years ago, and you now have today in front of you. You were blessed with another day, which is huge because there are so many who are not given that blessing today. But you were, and that means that you still have purpose to pursue and fulfill. And that could mean purpose that manifests in a few years, or purpose that manifests now… we never do really know, do we? We can feel pulled toward fulfilling something great in the future, but we may be only given today to live purposefully. Either way, there’s something beautiful to pursue each day, and that’s enough to make me excited and full of gratitude when I wake up in the morning.

I know that you have great purpose on a daily basis.

In the way you speak, the way you treat others, and the way that you choose to shine God’s light to the world, you are fulfilling purpose. Remember that. And remember that that’s where your value lies. Your value is not in the job you work. Your value is not in the way that you look. It is not in the weight you think you may have gained or lost recently, nor is it in the money you have or the car you drive. Your value is not in any other worldly thing… your value is in your heart. Plain and simple. Pursuing finding value in any other form is to cater to something other than God. Because it’s the way that you allow your heart to shine and touch others that is the most valuable currency to exist, as it is the way that God made you, and that is ultimately the purpose he created you for. How many times in the Bible does it say that love- loving others, loving God, as well as respecting and loving yourself- is the most important thing? He gave you special gifts in many different ways so you could explore how you’re meant to share that light at various different times in your life, and that’s okay! That’s what he gave them to you for. EXPLORE THEM. But He most definitely never wants you to forget that the ways you do it are not where your actual value exists… it is what you share from deep in that heart of yours that is the most valuable. The love you give is what He cares about, and what He cares about is far more important than anything anyone else could think about you, even in regards to your family and friends.

I know that you know all of this. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new. You’re intelligent and wise and I’m well aware of that, so I hope you don’t think that I’m patronizing you in any way by sharing my thoughts here. I simply know that sometimes, we could all use a hug. No matter how strong our friends and family know us to be, a hug is always appreciated… it reminds us that we’re cared for, and worth caring for, because the truth is that we’re human and we can forget those things in our darker hours.

And this is my heart hug to you.

I really, truly, 100% believe that you are a special person who was put on this planet, at this time, with all of the array of gifts and talents that you have, and having experienced all of the trials and struggles you have, for a big, big purpose. You’re here to change the world, Friend. And while that may seem like a really heavy, slightly scary sentence to read, just know that it’s nothing of the sort. Because you can change the world simply by being you- the you that God created to be. Not the “you” that society wants you to be, or the “you” that your friends might want to be, or even the “you” that your family might like you to be. You’re meant to play a significant and unique role in this world as the real, true YOU, in all of your authentic glory. Sometimes it takes work to find our true authenticity, because we have been shaped by society and so many things, but it’s absolutely worth it. And after we do the work to shed all of those layers, nothing could be easier or more genuinely joyful than gliding through life by God’s hand and guidance, simply being who we are at the core of our heart in the Lord. I know because I’ve done it, and because I’ve done it myself I can see past your moldings and walls and see your heart for what it truly is underneath it all… and it’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful, and it will change the world.

I’m grateful to know you. You’re a beautiful soul with a beautiful heart and I look forward to seeing all of the incredible things you’ll do with it. Thank you for sharing a small piece of it with me. ❤

Looking forward to seeing your best role yet play out,


2 thoughts on “Letter To A Friend

  1. This was clearly written by someone with an amazing heart of her own. By someone who has experienced challenges, has fallen and gotten back up, and has learned the gift of each day God gives us. Your friend is blessed to have you in their life. ❤️


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