I Love You, I Swear

I had an unexpected visitor last night- of the feline kind, to be precise- and it was adorable, sweet, and a pleasant addition to the usual company of Kappie (my beautiful, perfect, best-dog-ever dog) and my bomb Spotify playlists (I mean, it’s just true… they’re a special kind of awesome) while I painted. It just wondered right up onto my porch and seemed to be meowing something along the lines of “Meow, I want to be your new friend, meow, I like your tube socks, meow, can I hang out with youuuu?” I couldn’t understand it exactly, as I don’t speak kitten fluently, but I’m fairly certain that’s just about accurate. And honestly, who can deny the fellow appreciation of the classic beauty of tube socks? Not this girl, that’s for sure.
So I let it stay. And I’ll admit, I began to love it within ohhhh about the first 3 minutes. It chose my art supplies to curl up within, above all places, for God’s sake! How. CUTE
But as it started getting dark outside I began to realize that I might have to take this little muffin pie under my wing for a bit until we could find who it truly belonged to, as it was clearly a house cat, what with its clean fur and obvious familiarity in roaming anywhere it pleased throughout my apartment (cute, but definitely lacked in manners). And that’s what threw some things into perspective for me. Recognizing all of the extra attention, time, and care that this new pet would require if I were to house it for even just a few days made me realize just how much that even despite my vocal mild obsession with my child/dog, the truth of the matter is that *gasp!* I think I take my precious puppy for granted. And if I take him for granted, heart-melting face and all, what else do I take for granted that I’m not aware of?
See, Kappie is a really, really good dog. He’s well trained, he’s easy, he’s loving, and he’s adorable. Yet I ignore him far too much either by leaving him home alone as I go out and about living my life, or by ignoring his presence (unintentionally of course) while I’m here working on painting or doing computer work, or relaxing with a movie or a book. And he’s fine with it… again, he’s easy. He’s not needy or high maintenance. But that doesn’t mean he likes being ignored! He is the happiest little munchkin when I do take the time to give him a little extra TLC and praise him with a high-pitched “good boy!”, accompanied by the ever popular belly rub. He LIVES for that stuff! I mean he literally revolves his entire life around me, and yet I let him wait around all day for the moment that I feel like making the oh-so ginornmous step of effort in reminding him of just how deeply he’s loved and appreciated in this little miniature apartment we share. In general, I realized that he doesn’t get nearly enough of the attention that he deserves, and it took having the extra company and anticipating the extra attention and care that it would need for me to see it. Sometimes we need a little life-slap in our face to wake up and legitimately appreciate what we already have.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I certainly would love to have an extra cutie pie roamin around the Coloring Book (that’s my place… are you honestly surprised?) and maybe taking some of the heat off of me to give Kappie attention when I truly am just too caught up in my day by providing him with some companionship. But I honestly am just not looking to have any extra responsibility right now as I work toward developing my art more as well as some other *TOP SECRET* projects that I have going on which require a good amount of my attention. And hey, either way, I don’t have to worry about it. That’s right, that scheming kitty dipped after loungin around comfortably for a few hours, playing a couple rounds of “catch the laser” with the toys I bought her (yup… I did that. I’m that sucker), and gettin down on a dish of CVS’s finest kitty feast. Typical chickkkk, right… ay, ay? Am I right boys? ;)  (….don’t answer that, it’s a trap).

Sometimes we think we appreciate the things that we have in our lives, because when we think about it, we can easily say that we do… and sure, we do. We have a conscious appreciation for the things that we should be grateful for. We may even think we show that appreciation well… when it’s convenient for us. But in reality, we might not appreciate what we have to the fullest extent possible, or in the ways that these things truly should be cared for, and that doesn’t mean that it’s intentional and it does not at all make us bad people. It’s just that simply put- we are human. I mean, if you’d asked me if I loved Kappie- if I appreciated him and if I treated him well- I would have told you, ”Yes, absolutely! He’s my gem and my love and I don’t know what I’d do without him!” I likely would have admitted that I wish I could spend a little bit more time with him, or that I wish I could walk him more at the park, but “I just can’t”. Here’s the thing… I can. I can do all of those things. I could make time and put out that effort, if I truly cared to. But I don’t because I prioritize other things above it, especially because he allows it, because he’s easy. He doesn’t complain or whine or grab for attention constantly and he allows me to leave him be while I go about living my life. So I excuse myself and allow myself to make it seem like “I wish I could, but I can’t”, when the truth is, I can, and the truth is, I know how much he loves it when I do. When I prioritize him, he’s so happy he can barely keep his tail on his little butt… it’s what gives his days meaning! I think if we took a closer look at our lives, we could all identify more than a few things in our lives that we take for granted in one way or another, and we truly could change that, and it would be worth while for all involved. Because ultimately, when we give to others and when we make others smile (or tails wag), it makes US smile and fills our own hearts more. It’s a beautiful cycle, we just need to take the time to invest into it!
And that is why Kap and I are about to hit the pavement and take advantage of the beautiful park that we are fortunate enough to live right next to! We’re gonna go play, and laugh, and bark, and run, and jump, and mark territory (that’ll be his job), and wag tails (I’d say we’ll both be engaging in that one), and it’s going to be amazeballs… and then we’ll come back and he’ll be so exhausted that I can get some work done, with a smile on my face, because I’ll be so filled with joy in knowing that I’m a good mom (I don’t want to hear it. He’s my baby and that’s that) and he’ll be so happy and tired he won’t even want my attention. Instead he’ll be deep into one of those nice doggy slumbers that we all wish we could have a little peak into, dreaming it all up again. I’ll know this because I’ll see him running… sideways, while laying down… as if he actually runs that fast in real life (keep dreaming little man… keep dreaming.)
Happy Everything Appreciation Day!! Go show your gratitude for, well, EVERYTHING 🙂 Live in love ❤

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