So Knot Funny

So there I am, fidgeting, yet again, with the dreaded twisted elastic waste band of my favorite comfy shorts.

You know what I’m talking about.

Those elastic bands that are not sewn into the garment and, therefore, twirl around in the washing machine and cause you to play a frustrating little game of “go ahead and TRY to untangle and untwist or give up and pick something else to wear/throw these damn things away altogether”.

I like games!

I don’t like that game.

I stood there with my shorts that I’d picked up and put down more than a handful of times since the last time I washed them because the twist was so entangled and it was too frustrating to even begin to address any of the other times I’d wanted to wear them, and for some reason, I felt like today was the day. Today was the day that I’d either victoriously strut my stuff throughout my office (apartment) in my cute little black and white work attire (comfy, yet dressy, lounge shorts ;) ), or I’d acknowledge defeat and sadly say goodbye to yet another piece of clothing that I held near and dear to my girlie girl heart. Yeah… I wasn’t ready to do that. So I began to fidget.

And as this process went on, I had a surprising number of thoughts going through my head about such a seemingly simple situation…
“Why didn’t they sew this in here? Did they want me to hate life right now? Garment makers should really be aware of this very serious issue. We should probably start a petition… and by we, I mean, I’ll do that… and maybe someone will sign it… probably just my mom. Ugh why is this taking so long??”
And then, thankfully, my yogibear mind began to kick in…
“Alright. I always try to remain aware of the fact that everything happens for a reason, that we are always right where we’re supposed to be… so why am I here now? What could I possibly take away from this soul-depleting activity of fighting what seems to be a losing battle with an inanimate object? Okay… patience. That’s definitely something I need to practice right now. So here I go… I’m being patient… which is actually helpful… it’s at least making this process a little less miserable… and oh! Look! It’s working!! Patience is relaxing my mind and, therefore, my body, and it’s so much easy to work these nimble little phalanges of mine when I’m not tensely fidgeting to pull this tangled mess!”

Andddd cue the *LIGHT BULB*

I think by now you probbbably know where I’m going with this…because you’re reading my blog, and if you’re reading my blog, that means you’re a smart cookie, and smart cookies will probably pick up on the fact that I’m not here to discuss garment issues (although they are very real and we MUST do something about this before someone gets hurt!). I more so would like to shed some light on something that I think we all know, but all too often tend to forget, which is that when you have something messy or entangled to untwist, it takes patience.

Now, every knot is formed in one of two ways:
1.)They have been tied intentionally by someones
2.)They have been tied accidentally, usually by carelessness, such as not taking care of your jewelry while traveling and coming to find your necklaces all entangled upon arrival at your destination.

So we can spend our time figuring out how the knot was formed, who formed it, whether it was done by accident or intention, and why, and we can then dwell in that blame game and continue to develop our frustration, tension, and negativity about it, but none of that will serve your ultimate desire in any way, which is to have that knot untangled.
Think about it- the reason you even care in the first place to begin thinking about those things and developing those negative emotions about it is because at the core of it all, you wish this knot didn’t exist and would like it to now cease to exist. The only way to do that is to untangle it, unless you’d like to cut your losses and toss the knot away, which my guess is you don’t really want to do because if you’re really that moved by the existence of the knot in the first place, it likely means something to you and might even hold a dear place in your heart like my cute comfy shorts do. So my thinking is that the next option might be a better way to go…

You can untangle the knot.
Forget about blame, let go of the frustration, and do whatever you need to do to relax, focus on the task at hand, and practice patience as you work through the process of untangling. Sure, you’ll probably go through a series of thoughts and emotions, much like you saw earlier with my crazy-train line of thinking as I worked through the waste band to my shorts, but if you recenter your focus each time it begins to drift in a negative and unproductive direction, you will ultimately begin to remain in the positivity, relaxing will come more easily to you, and so will the untangling. Eventually you’ll begin to see progress and that proud momentum will continue to push you forward until you finally have freedom from that tangled messy little bundle of annoyance.

Again, because you’re smart, I know that you’ve picked up on the fact that I’m not simply talking about material knots here. This concept applies to those emotional, mental, and even physical health knots as well… those things that have built up over time, whether you were aware that they were being built/tied or not, and sometimes when you see them you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, defeated, or helpless about them. Those things are not impossible to untangle, but some knots and ties will take more patience and effort than others… and my guess is that if it their existence bothers you very much, it will likely be worth it to push through. It does take time, there will be frustration, and sometimes you’ll tug at a string and see that it tightens something that you meant to loosen, but the key is to see where the vulnerable spots are, learn from them, and practice patience as you learn which strings need to be tugged, which need to be pushed, and which need to be left alone in order to maneuver the knot out of formation so that whatever it is that you’re untangling can be free as it was meant to be. It’s possible, it’s worth it, and (my favorite part) it’s never too late.

Look at this- life lessons in a garment… and men think our love for fashion is pointless! ;)There is so much beauty to be found in the most unexpected circumstances. That’s why this life just blows me away!

Live in Love, my beautiful friends ❤


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