My Feet-Hands

Today was one of those “eye-opener” days. I love those kinds of days. Because although I try to live each day to its fullest potential awesomeness, appreciating everything vastly and remaining aware of the good things around me, I am human and, therefore, I can get distracted by life from experiencing life (trust me, the irony is not lost on me). So it’s important for us all to have those occasional gratitude butt-kicker moments pop up into our lives to remind us of what it is exactly that we value, that we experience, and that we believe in our worlds (yes, we do each have our “own little world”… it’s not just me! It’s all based on perception). Today was a good one of those days for me and what I came to be newly aware of is the beauty of my feet-hands.
Confused? That’s fine. Me too, at first… 😉
So I was jogging this morning and it was THE most beautiful day… I mean it. Like, the sunwas out, the skies were blue, the clouds were white and just the fluffiest of all, and the breeze was kicking in full cool-ya-down gear! Absolutely stunning.
I stopped for a moment to take it all in, sitting on a picnic bench that just so happened to have the most adorable inscription on it written by someone who was clearly overtaken with love, which I love. It said “Many days pass yet I still breathe you in and taste our love!”Umm, how cute is that?! The CUTEST, that’s how cute! It’s always so uplifting to see evidence of the love that exists in this world… such pure bliss.
So I sat happily on this love bench, on this breezy, beautiful day, and I just looked. My surroundings were too breathtaking not to take a few moments just to enjoy them! It didn’t take long for me to noticed the blades of grass just waving completely out of control and I couldn’t help but think that it looked exactly like those time-lapse videos that we see in documentaries and movies. You know what I’m talking about- those brief moments when we watch what happens as the camera is set up in one place for an entire day, showing the movement throughout the day and playing it in fast-forward. Cars whizzing by, lights flickering on and off, sun rising, clouds passing, sun setting, and nature swaying quickly within it all. That’s what I was seeing before my very eyes and it was mesmerizing. I felt like it was almost too beautiful and too dreamy to be real, and yet- there it was. Real as my hands in front of me.
… my hands. My real, tangible, beautifully crafty hands that do so much for me each and every day. From writing passionately each morning in my journal, to preparing the nourishing food that I feed my body each day, to developing the creative crafts that I enjoy making so much, to playing around with the girliest of all fun that I can’t ever get enough of that is taking hours just to pick out an outfit with accessories and playing with the colors of makeup and toys of hairstyling to match. My hands do so so much for me and are absolutely invaluable to me, but they are so much a part of my every aspect of every day that I take them for granted. Today, I was taking notice, and in that moment I realized something profound. It amazed me to see that by simply looking at my hands, fingers, and finger nails, you can learn so much about me that I’d never before realize was so exposed… the essential part about it, however, is that you must truly pay attention to the details to notice it.
You see, my nails are short (some shorter than others) and unpolished, which likely means that I work with them too much to keep them all as long and even as they’re capable of growing; working with them often enough to give me little time for polishing on a regular basis. Instead, nail polish has been replaced by speckles of various colors within the cuticle and underneath the nail bed that are very clearly not the leftovers of a pricy manicure. No, these colors are too wide of a variety and lay in places that nail polish wouldn’t be placed in to be the result of a spa trip. And when you consider the fact that first thing in the morning, on almost any given morning, before I have had a chance to do much of anything, you can find these hidden treasures of color left behind within my nail beds, you’ll realize that I must have been doing something with my hands in the day(s) prior… something that has either stained them so much that it was difficult to remove with typical washing, or which stains them so often that I’ve begun to barely notice when there is anything lingering behind after washing. **I’ll go ahead and share with you a little secret that it is the latter which is true- it’s my norm. The paints from the masterpieces that I pour my heart, soul, tears, energy, and time into have chosen to stick around on my hands like trophies of mini marathons that I’ve finished on my journey of following my dreams, and I wear them proudly.**Turns out that without having to put out much effort in digging or peeling back those fun but tedious onion layers of mine to understanding the core of my being, it is right there on the surface that you will find a large chunk of my heart and my passion. It is in cultivating this awareness and this appreciation that I see my hands to be the feet that carry me through. They develop strength and battle marks through each adventure, and I am immensely grateful for every bit of it.
It’s absolutely breathtaking to see the lovely things that exist around us when we take a moment to stop and stare; to stay and wait. I hope that we can all take a moment every now and then to stop and take it all in… take in the blessings that are around us always. If we are not seeing them, we simply aren’t looking well enough because they are there. So let’s look up from the repetitive and quick motions of our lives, move a little more slowly from time to time, and enjoy the journeys that we’re on, thanking our bodies for carrying us through however they can. Let’s not take these beautiful vessels that we’ve been blessed to explore this life with for granted! After all, they were hand-picked for us;)
Thank you, to my feet-hands, for helping me to follow my dreams. You’re mucho appreciated, weirdo paint stains and all. :)
Live in love! ❤

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