The Gift of Authenticity

So I’m typically a very healthy person. I believe in taking care of mind, body, and soul and I do pretty well with it on a regular basis. But I mean, Thursday WAS Thanksgiving… and I’ve been having some strange things happening with my physical health since. Now, while I’m sure my body is just hating on me a bit from tackling that second gluten-free cupcake… after that third helping of dinner… I figured maybe I should check into it more in case there could be some sort of more serious connection between them aside from overeating at our ridiculously delicious holiday dinner (UPDATE: Yup. That’s exactly what it was. And it was so worth it.). But after doing a little bit of research and reading through all of the possible ways that I could apparently die from anything and everything I encounter on a daily basis (I wouldn’t recommend making it a habit to research health “information” online), my anxiety that was quickly climbing was suddenly calmed by a realization of something so profound that the rarest and deadliest of diseases couldn’t shake…

Despite anything that can happen to me at any given moment, one thing is for sure… if I were to leave this life today, I would be pretty proud of the life I’ve lead and the contribution I’ve given to the world, if only for simply being me in my authentic self. I think there’s something to be said for being authentic and that, in itself, is a gift to the world… not just from me, but from each person who is so brave to give it. It allows each person to live inspirationally, as in that that person is living the way they were literally created to live and is, therefore, fulfilling a divine purpose within the world… whatever that purpose may be, given in whatever form it is meant to be given in (gifts, talents, intelligence, wealth, wisdom, uniqueness, care-giving…), it is beautiful and it is a gift. Not only is the gift of that person’s purpose being shared through authenticity, but the gift of inspiring others toward living with freedom, honesty, pure joy, and all good things is also shared. Because it is when the light of a person’s authentic self is shining that others are able to truly witness beauty in its most raw form, and to be inspire to live out their own.

It doesn’t matter what my personal gifts and talents are or what the blessings that I feel I have in my life are, as those are blessings for me- my gifts from God to myself. They are the gifts in which he knows that I can personally connect to him and to others with, such as through my art, or through my gift of listening and understanding. I am no one to say whether my gifts are any better or any more significant than anyone else’s because they are not. They are meant for me and because of that, I love and appreciate them so much more for me; but just the same, I appreciate the gifts that I don’t have which others do, for them. What matters is what I do with what I’ve been blessed with… whether I use them for selfish purposes or for the purpose of sharing them with the world and with good intention. And I’m proud to say that I have lived with a giving heart. I’m proud to be able to say that I have, to the best of my ability, shared my blessings to gift, inspire, motivate, and provide beauty to anyone I could reach. I have lived my life in fulfillment of a beautiful propose that I was created to fulfill specifically… a purpose that God has saved my life for, in more ways than one, despite my own best attempts to block progress from being made through poor life choices. I am not sure what exactly his intent is for me- what accomplishments I’m meant to achieve or how long I am meant to travel this journey in this lifetime- but I am certain of one thing that is truthfully all that matters to me, and that is that whenever my time comes to leave this life, it will be because God is proud of all I’ve done to make the most of this life that he’s blessed me with… that although I am certainly no saint and I am far from being anywhere near perfect, I’ve remained true to who I am, constantly pursuing being the best version of who he created me to be, I’ve fulfilled my purpose here, and he is ready to take me home.

Truthfully, I believe that there is much more for me that God would like me to do in this life, so I do not anticipate my journey ending any time soon (despite what Google may have to say about it). But what I do know is that I have nothing to fear… because my time will either come sooner and bring me to heaven, or I will get to live even longer adventuring happily and purposefully through this life, touching others through living as my authentic self. Either way, I’m excited for it, and I’m proud of it. ❤


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